Unregistered Private Institutions

Bellow List of Private Higher Educational institutions are not registered with Higher Education Regulatory Authority, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and are operating illegally.

Unregistered Private Higher Educational Institutions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
S#Name of InstitutionDistrict
1 Abbott Law College & Abbott College of Education Abbottabad
2 Hazara College of Commerce & Hazara Colege of Education Abbottabad
3 Mishwani College of Commerce & Accounting Abbottabad
4 Charsadda College of Education, Charsadda
5 Hashtangar Institute of Education Charsadda
6 Ayub Degree College & Ayub Law College Haripur
7 Fatima Jinah College of Education Haripur
8 Sir Syed Degree College Haripur
9 Dawn College of Education Hangu
10 Institute of Education,Karak Karak
11 Danish Kada Institute ,Karak Karak
12 Lawaghar Academy of Education & Research Karak
13 Comp/ Tech. Computer Academy Kohat
14 Sir Syed College of Education Kohat
15 Kohat Law College Kohat
16 Avicenna College of Education Malakand
17 Abbott Law College Mansehra
18 Mardan College of Education Mardan
19 Mardan Institute of Management Studies Mardan
20 Mardan Law College Mardan
21 Takht Bhai College of Education Mardan
22 Mohammadan Institute of Education Nowshera
23 Muslim Degree College Nowshera
24 Nisar Shaheed Degree College Nowshera
25 Quaid-e-Azam Institute of Legal Studies Nowshera
26 Pakistan Degree College of Commerce & Computer Science Nowshera
27 Alshifa Institute of Education Sciesnces Peshawar
28 Bakhtawar College of Education Peshawar
29 Central Science Degree College Peshawar
30 Forward Degree College Peshawar
31 Frontier Information Tech & Science Peshawar
32 Hira College of Education Peshawar
33 Institute of Legal Studies Peshawar
34 Islamia Institute of Business Education & Computer Science Peshawar
35 Islamia Institute of Modern Studies Peshawar
36 Khyber College of Commerce & Management Peshawar
37 Muslim College of Education Peshawar
38 Oriental Degree College Peshawar
39 Peshawar College of Education Peshawar
40 Supreme Law College Peshawar
41 Islamia Law College Peshawar
42 Peshawar Law College Peshawar
43 Jinnah Law College Peshawar
44 Army Public School & Degree College Peshawar
45 Frontier College of Information Science & Technology Peshawar
46 Islamic Institute of Modern Studies Peshawar
47 Jinah International College Peshawar
48 Khyber Institute of Education Peshawar
49 Muslim College of Computer Sciences Peshawar
50 Peshawar College of Commerce & Business Administration Peshawar
51 Professional College of Commerce & Management Peshawar
52 Pakistan Post Graduate Institute Peshawar
53 Frontier Law College Peshawar
54 Swabi Law College Swabi
55 Muslim Law College,Swat Swat
56 Swat College of Commerce Swat
57 Swat College of Education Swat
58 Swat College of Information Technology and Computer Sciences Swat
59 Swat Rubicon School & College of Education Swat
60 Lucky College of Education & Research Lakki Marwat
61 Graduate School of Computer Science D.I Khan
62 Institute of Physical Education. D.I Khan
63 Agha Computers, Al-Noor Esquire, PICIC Bank Building, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad Abbottabad
64 Islamabad Computer Institute, College Road Jaba, Dargai Malakand
65 Flash Institute of Computer Studies, Sheikh Jee Plaza, Industrial Estate, Jamrud Road, Peshawar Peshawar
66 Square Soft Systems, Kashmeery Bazar, Manzoor Market, Shinkiari Mansehra
67 College of Computer & Information Technology, Matta, Swat Swat
68 Global College of Information Technology, College Road, Thana, Swat Swat 
69 Global College of Information Technology, Sohary, Buner, Swat Buner
70 Aryan University, Jahangir Road, Peshawar Peshawar
71 National College of Computer Sciences, Bannu Bannu
72 Imam Ghazali University, Peshawar Peshawar
73 Abu Ali Seena University, Peshawar Peshawar
74 Helping Hands Rehabilitation Sciences, Mansehra Mansehra
75 SOUL Institute, Haripur Haripur
76 Kabir Institute of Public Health  Peshawar 
77  Gandhara College of Pharmacy  Peshawar